Beowulf's Home Page

This is the default local home page for Beowulf. This page is separate from any of the other web sites hosted on this server. This is strictly for Beowulf's documentation.

To get this to work, you need to modify the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file so that BEOWULF.CARES.MISSOURI.EDU points to the IP of Beowulf. Currently Beowulf is using DHCP and has a IP of (This IP will probably remain with Beowulf until it leaves Mumford, it may change at any reboot of the server.) Once Beowulf is moved to Telecom it will be given it's permanent IP address of You will then need to eliminate the line in the HOSTS file. (I believe that you should be able to get to this page by using However, this name doesn't seem to be registered correctly. . . . It's registered correctly now.)

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Created on ... August 11, 2010
Revised on ... August 17, 2010